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Needle Felted Shetland Trow


Shetland's rich folklore tradition is a key part of the islands' intangible heritage. According to this folklore, trows are fairy creatures that inhabit earthern mounds, or 'trowie knowes'. They are fond of music and are known for luring unsuspecting fiddlers underground to play for them.

These needle felted trows are crafted with 100% Shetland wool, sourced from the west of Shetland and the remote island of Foula. They make for a unique and whimsical decoration.

Each trow is a one of a kind: you can choose from the range available in the photos (A-G). The trows range from 13-15cm tall and are approximately 7cm wide.

Please note this is a decoration and not a toy.

Maker: Natasha's Imaginarium

Natasha Smith is a needle felting artist who lives and works on the Shetland island of Whalsay. Her quirky folklore creations are made from 100% Shetland wool supplied by the Silly Sheep Fibre Company and Foula Wool, supporting local crofting practices.

Our Geoproducts showcase the unique natural, cultural and intangible heritage of the Shetland Islands. Each product is locally and sustainably produced, embracing the core values of the UNESCO Global Geoparks.


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