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Havera DVD

Havera DVD


The island of Havera, one of a host of small sparsely populated islands dotted around the Shetland coast, was unique in many respects. Despite having very little fresh water, no peat and only one truly safe harbour, it supported its small population for much longer than many of its seemingly more favoured neighbours. This DVD is the story of the island, the people who lived there and a way of life that no longer exists. Laughton Johnston's extensive text (from the book of the same title) is read by the current shareholders of the island, all descendants of the original families, and Christine De Luca reads her own evocative poetry. The whole is woven together by the music of Pauleen Wiseman, the photography of Marc Sinclair and the video of JJ Jamieson, capturing perfectly the atmosphere of life on the island then and now. The DVD is accompanied by a soundtrack CD of Pauleen's music and a bonus poem read by Christine.

Number of discs: 2

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