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Fair Isle Knotted Basket Kit


Help save an endangered craft from extinction!

These kits have everything you need to make your own basket using the knotting technique used in Fair Isle Strawback Chairs - a critically endangered British craft.

These rope baskets are an ideal introduction to this method of basket making and are suitable for ages 9 years and up. Once you have mastered the technique, use the hints and tips in the enclosed booklet to try your own design of basket in the future.

The kits make great gifts for anyone who enjoys trying new crafts and can even can be gifted again as a completed basket - 2 gifts in one!

Kits include:

Instruction booklet (with an introduction to the history of Fair Isle Strawback Chairs), Basket Base, Jute String, Natural Fibre Rope and Large Darning Needle. All you will need is a pair of scissors or craft knife to trim the strings. The finished basket has an external diameter of 150mm (internal diameter approx. 125mm) and height of approx. 100mm.

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