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Shetland Fine Lace DVD


This delightful DVD and accompanying booklet tells the story of traditional Shetland Fine Lace, from the days of women knitting delicate garments to supplement the household income, through to the recent Shetland Fine Lace Project. In 2010 Shetland Amenity Trust and Jamieson and Smith (Shetland Wool Brokers) Ltd, along with their parent company, Curtis Wool Direct, developed a new one-ply lace weight yarn which local knitters used to create beautiful fine lace scarves. The project highlighted the skill and time involved in creating these unique pieces and ensured that the knitters were paid a fair price for their exquisite work. This DVD includes interviews from people involved in the process, from the sorting of the raw fleece, through to the knitters themselves.

Duration: 15 mins

This product may require a compatible DVD player to play outside the UK

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