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Old Lerwick: People and Places


"Old Lerwick", the tangled maze of closses, courts and lodberries of the town's "south end", was the playground of generations of local bairns until the demolitions and unsympathetic developments of the 1960s partially destroyed the character of the area. One such youngster was Douglas Sinclair. His early days were spent roaming the area and listening to the stories told by its people. These were often anecdotes about their contemporaries, but he was equally intrigued by the ghosts of the past - the smugglers, Dutch fishermen, press gangs, Arctic whalers and wartime activities - which made Lerwick what it is. Here, Douglas shares his vast knowledge, understanding and love of this unique island town.

Douglas Sinclair is also the author of Old Lerwick: Lanes and Lodberries.

Publisher: The Shetland Times Ltd.
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910997154

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