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Spindrift Crafts


I live and work in Shetland using natural dyes to colour wool and making small kits for knitting Spindrift Craft’s unique ‘Peerie Pouches’. Last year my book ‘Natural Dye Colours from Shetland’ was published sharing my notes, recipes and tips for those keen to try natural dyes, growing and using plants from their own locality.

I have a ‘wild’ dye garden where many of the dye plants grow, also foraging when out walking. The wool is dyed using flowers, leaves, bark and roots. Natural dyes give soft shades that work particularly well in Fair isle colourwork knitting. A range of colours in Shetland 4ply and local double knit and aran wool are all available in small quantities.

The Natural Dye book is also available for those interested in dyeing wool using plants and trees.