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My alternative Shetland knitwear is inspired by traditions and techniques from our islands’ textile heritage, but I follow my own design path—developing collections through connection with place, history and world culture, and using my passion for colour to create contemporary knitwear and my own handspun yarn.

Nielanell knitwear is made in Shetland by craftspeople skilled in the art of machine knitting using Shetland and other premium yarns. Every piece is hand-finished, in-house. In my handspun I use the finest Shetland wool, at times dyeing by hand or using the natural colours of the fleece and other carefully selected fibres - to give each skein a distinct personality. I have a new collection of indigo dyed handspun (“Of a Hoswick Sea”) being released for Shetland Wool Week.

My work has been shown at the Saatchi Gallery, and Decorex; in 2018 I was a design leader for V&A Dundee’s Scottish Design Relay, an inspiring programme for young people. I have been commissioned for handspun by a particularly famous design house!


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