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Excavations at Old Scatness, Shetland (Volume 1): The Pictish Village and Viking Settlement


Old Scatness, Shetland, is perhaps the most complex archaeological project ever to have been undertaken in Scotland. Prior to excavation it comprised a pristine time capsule with exceptional levels of preservation: a Broch surrounded by an Iron Age Village standing to at least floor level. The site was excavated using cutting edge scientific techniques and this has radically altered what we know about the Iron Age in Scotland within the North Atlantic.

This volume, the first in the series, presents the archaeology of the Late Iron Age (Pictish) village and the ensuing Viking settlement of the site, drawing together the architectural sequence, the range of artefacts and economic evidence. It has been done by integrating new scientific applications, such as archaeomagnetic and OSL dating, with modern excavation and recording techniques. The results have provided a new framework for the chronology of North Atlantic Scotland in the period AD400 to AD1400 and produced fresh insights into the nature of the transition from Late Iron Age to Viking Culture.


Binding: Hardback
Publisher: Shetland Heritage Publications
Number of pages: 399
ISBN: 9780955764257
Dimensions (cm): 30.5H x 22W x 2.75D

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