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Excavations at Old Scatness, Shetland (Volume 2): The Broch and Iron Age Village


Old Scatness, Shetland, is perhaps the most complex archaeological project ever to have been undertaken in Scotland. Prior to excavation it comprised a pristine time capsule with exceptional levels of preservation: a Broch surrounded by an Iron Age Village which stands to at least first floor level. The site was excavated using cutting edge scientific techniques, with radical results.

This volume, the second in the series, presents the earliest phases of the archaeology. These start with Neolithic remains but the focus is on the exceptionally well preserved Iron Age Broch and Village, dating between 400BC - AD400. Integrating new dating applications, including archaeomagnetic and OSL, with modern excavation and recording techniques, have provided an exceptionally tight chronology for the complex sequence of structures. The results presented here have recast our knowledge of broch origins and rewritten our understanding of Iron Age life in North Atlantic Scotland.


Binding: Hardback
Publisher: Shetland Heritage Publications
Number of pages: 552
ISBN: 978099327408
Dimensions (cm): 30.5H x 22W x 3.5D

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