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BAKKA preserves Shetland's rich knitwear heritage by using the oldest Fair Isle patterns and colours in a sustainable contemporary manner. In 2018 Macgregor created her reversible Fair Isle textile. Instead of the traditional loops on the back of the fabric, Macgregor's fabric has the pattern on both sides, but with the colours inverted giving a positive/negative effect. The selvedges are perfect.

Traditional Fair Isle has 2 colours in a row. The modern Shima Seiki knitting machines can accommodate 3 colours in a row. In 2020, she started colouring the motifs in a completely different way for knitting with this technique. The results are quite startling and totally modern.

BAKKA's products are both sustainable and traceable. The yarns used are produced in Italy in a sustainable way. Additionally, BAKKA operates a zero-waste policy. All machine setup routines, and sample or failed pieces are up-cycled.