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60 North Magazine - Summer 2017

60 North Magazine - Summer 2017


A quarterly publication which covers stories about all aspects of life in Shetland - bringing you inspiration, interesting information and stunning photography.

The Summer 2017 issue of 60 North

Throughout the summer months we have a saying in our household: 'dirty feet at bedtime means that it's been a good day' (for the children at least). We love the sense of freedom that summer in Shetland brings. The long, light filled days, school holidays, and access to a mini paradise of beaches, islands and wildlife is impossible to resist.

But, as anyone familiar with Shetland knows, the summer can be fleeting, the weather predictably unpredictable. While the rest of British Isles may be basking in a sticky heatwave, the islands can be covered in a blanket of mist or standing resilient in a howling gale. While this can be frustrating, it is not unexpected. And of course, the trade-off this that you can experience great moments of spontaneity. When the weather does turn - which might be 9 o'clock at night - nothing can beat it and you just have beautiful wild flowers and views, or to watch the tirricks dive bombing the fish below, a picnic on a beach, or a simple fish supper taking in harbour life, it's an uplifting time of year.

Shetland, to me, is a constant source of inspiration - the landscape and the creative drive and energy of the people who call it home. In this summer issue we meet some of these inspiring individuals, such as Bruce Gilardi, a former US naval officer who now runs the artisan Waas Bakery; or Molly Brindley, who has passion which started in childhood here; and Louise Thomason, who offers a reflective insight into life in Shetland as a mother and writer.

We also take a peek into four lives from very different backgrounds, by looking at a selection of objects that embodies their day, in an instagram-inspired photographic feature.

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